Here are some of the products I worked on.

Hello Baby Screenshot

Hello Baby

An ultimate ecosystem of mobile apps for parents and future parents

My role: Backend developer

Developed a backend for mobile applications, admin panels. Has written integrations with external services such as Amplitude, Adjust, AppsFlyer, Branch.

My key achievements:
I wrote a service that implements shared subscriptions for several apps
Implemented A / B testing and sales analytics
Made logging to Graylog
Collecting metrics and alerts in Prometheus
I made the infrastructure in Google Cloud using Ansible, used Docker and Kubernetes

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Graylog, Ansible, MySQL

Servers.com Screenshot


Servers.com is a global IaaS hosting platform that provides an automated hybrid cloud ready infrastructure

My role: Backend developer

Migration from legacy code. Mostly I was working on baremetal servers zero-touch automatic provisioning.

My key achievements:
Network automatic provisioning on Brocade VDX/ICX switches, particularly automatization of VXLAN provisioning
Firewall as a service feature with Brocade vRouter
Microservice for interaction with DELL iDrac SOAP based protocol WS-Man
Tool for generation config for switches
I've made deploy bot for Slack using https://github.com/slack-ruby/slack-ruby-bot
Had provisioned 500 servers in one working day

Other things:
Work on API for js app. Many integrations with third-party services. Refactoring, capistrano notifications to jabber, Errbit integration. Migrating deployment infrastructure from capistrano to Ansible.

Technologies: Ruby, Rack, Sinatra, EventMachine, Concurrency with Fibers, API with Grape, MySQL, Rspec

Beacon Gate Screenshot

Beacon Gate

My own project with BLE and IBeacon technologies

My role: Full-stack developer

Apply device for opening doors by just a coming near to the door or gates. Bluetooth module and smartphone interact automaticly. It was really interesting to programming bluetooth module and develop for iOS.

Technologies: Bluegiga BLE112 Bluetooth Smart Module, Objective C, Bluegiga BGScript, Soldering-iron

UpToPromo Screenshot


A full-featured links exchange service

My role: Full-stack developer

Development from scratch. Work on billing, fin statistics, content analysis universal analyst entities in the form of graphs(dashboard), system notifications, queue optimization, preview emails with ability to send test messages, application settings interface, editing content pages through Mercury editor, redesign and etc.

Technologies: Ruby on the edge, Rails on the edge, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Rspec, Capybara, Knockout.js, Bootstrap 3

Photographer Screenshot


Website with portfolio for my wife

My role: Full-stack developer

Simple website working on new cool technologies!

Technologies: Elixir, Phoenix, PostgreSQL

DrinkAdvisor Screenshot


Bars & Drinks guide

My role: Full-stack / Lead developer

Social network for nightlife lovers. The website was designed and api for mobile applications, functional website and applications was approximately the same in the end have only mobile application. Integration with social networks Twitter and Facebook, push messages for the iPhone and Android, queue implementation through Gearman, geo-positioning via HTML5 Geolocation Api and Postgis

Technologies: PHP, Yii framework, Gearman, PostgreSQL, Postgis, Jquery

TourSovet Screenshot


Travel company site

My role: Full-stack developer

Site travel company. Import tours, online sales. Redesign. Api for mobile application. Online chat on Metal; rake tasks for logic, parsing external sources.

Technologies: Rails 2.3, MySQL, delayed_job, JQuery, SOAP

Tarification Screenshot


Intended for economists working in health facilities budget

My role: Full-stack developer

Payroll accounting and various reports in excel. Connect to remote MSSQL databases.

Technologies: Rails 3, Ruby 1.9, MSSQL, Memcached, ExtJS 3

Estimates Screenshot


ERP system for compiling estimates for sanitary-epidemiological services

My role: Full-stack developer

Established interaction between managers, accountants, lawyers. Price list with jsTree. More reports in PDF and DOCX formats.

Technologies: Rails 3, Ruby 1.9, MySQL, Prawn gem, JQuery, Bootstrap

My salon Screenshot

My salon

Backend for online flash game in social network VKontakte

My role: Backend developer

The application has completed its way, nevertheless it was a useful experience. Api with xml responses and much app logic. Lightweight Zend Framework:)

Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, Mysql stored procedures, Memcached

Redmine plugins Screenshot

Redmine plugins

Various inter-corporate plugins for Redmine

My role: Backend developer

Writing plugins. Workload optimization redmine (load testing application servers mongrel, passenger, thin, unicorn. Eventually settled on unicorn + ree 1.8.7)

Technologies: Rails 2.3, Ruby 1.8