Slack deploy bot

02 March 2017

A Slack bot that helps you to deploy your apps. With this bot you’re able to build your own ChatOps tool!

For code please go to slack-deploy-bot

What it can do?

For help just type help:


Show changelog for your branch against master branch:

changelog my-awesome-app#feature


Deploy your apps branches to different environments:

deploy my-awesome-app # deploy my-awesome-app default branch to default environment

deploy my-awesome-app to prod # deploy my-awesome-app default branch to prod environment

deploy my-awesome-app#my-feature to staging # deploy my-awesome-app my-feature branch to prod environment


in case of deploy fail you’ll see the error message:



How to setup

  1. Clone the repo
  2. cp ./config/config.sample.rb ./config/config.rb
  3. Edit ./config/config.rb to add configuration for your app
  4. bundle install --without development test
  5. You can try to launch bot with SLACK_API_TOKEN=xxx bundle exec ruby run.rb and test it
  6. Launch bot as a daemon (you can use eye, upstart, systemd, etc.)

I’d recommend to use eye gem for launching bot. But it’s up to you.

Launching with eye

Please follow instruction on [[]] for installing eye

Put in the root .slack-api-token file which contains api token

Create config/slack-deploy-bot.eye config using config/slack-deploy-bot.eye.sample as sample

For first time or if slack-deploy-bot.eye config was changed than run:

eye load config/slack-deploy-bot.eye

Start bot:

eye start deploybot

Restart bot with command:

eye r deploybot

Info about bot process:

eye i deploybot


Copy config/config.sample.rb to config/config.rb

Example of config.rb:

DeployBot.setup do |config|
  config.apps = {
    :'my-awesome-app' => {
      envs: [:staging, :prod],
      path: '~/projects/my-awesome-app',
      default_branch: :master, # default branch to deploy, is not required
      default_env: :prod, # default env to deploy, is not required
      deploy_cmd: ->(env, branch) { "./ #{env} #{branch}" } # deploy with Ansible for example
    :'my-second-awesome-app': {
      envs: [:dev, :prod],
      path: '~/projects/my-second-awesome-app',
      deploy_cmd: ->(env, branch) { "BRANCH_NAME=#{branch} bundle exec cap #{env} deploy" } # deploy with Capistrano

Required options for each app: envs, path, deploy_cmd

Development & Testing

Start bot with command:

SLACK_API_TOKEN=xxx foreman start

Start console with:

bundle exec ./console

Run specs with:

bundle exec rake

Before starting specs please run:

git submodule update --init

for fetching spec/support/dummy_app